Chestnut Mound United Methodist Church
Saturday, July 02, 2022

Sunday School



Our Sunday School classe 


Wee One’s We have a class for the very young and it is lead by Jill Mears. There are activities, and stories and games to help young minds learn the basics of Christian faith. 

Weebles  - This is a class for the not so very young and it is lead by  Emily Cass. This classroom is adjacent to the main room in the fellowship hall. You will recognize it with the cloud mural on the walls.


Senior Adults -  We have a senior adult class that meets in the sanctuary. This class is lead by Frank Mears. This class uses Cokesbury curriculum for Bible study..

Gen X’s
We have a class that is lead by Randall Hedrick that meets in the room on the right (closest to the community hall) in the hallway
between the community hall and the sanctuary. This class is taking a look at the devotional writings of Oswald Chamber’s book
"The Utmost for His Highest" This class is composed of primarily persons less than 40 yrs.old.
We have a class that is lead by Doug Cass that meets in the main room of the community hall. This class looks at scripture and uses
discussion and faith sharing of the group to instill a sense of Christian faith through biblical study and power of the Holy
Spirit in reason and experience.
This is a class we are planning just for you. Because there are many gifts but one Spirit we seek to address needs as they arise.  So..  This curriculum is still being developed JUST FOR YOU!  If you have interest for this group, please contact the pastor.