Chestnut Mound United Methodist Church
Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Please lift prayers to God for these dear ones.

Gerri Burton, Faye Huddleston,  Maggie Lou Austin, Glen and Kathy Murphy,  Billy and Judy McKinney, Jeff Maggart, Tom and Sarah Wheeler and family, Linda Bush, Joey Bush, Tim Vaden, Ricky Rankin, Robert Smith, Jean Apple and family,  Dolores Angelini, Ronnie Gentry, Ricky and Connie Sutton, Lori Capps, Delores Johnson, Georgia’s Family, Monabelle Lawrence,Tim Huddleston, Gary Petty, Paul Davis, Family of Ann Steele, Debbie Vann, Jodie Fox, Family of Keith Williams, Emily Cass, Gary Woodard, Family of JT Taylor, Bruce Harville, Isaiah Angel, Chris Herrod, Chris Ray, and all unspoken prayer requests - God knows them all.

Remember our Soldiers: Jacob Edmonds, Richard Draper, Ben Gentry, David Harper, Steven Schroeder, Andrew Goolsby.


Dorothy Cowan, Donald Vaden, Ruby Watts, Brother Jeff's Mother, Annette Hawkins Merritt, Ellen and Harry Fletcher, Pam Dillard Stout, Rellon Petty, Maxine Gibbs, Helen Hawthorne, Barbara Silcox, Samantha Albritton, Janell Cowan, Irene Langford, Sue Woods, Callie Neal, Richard Woodard, Gail Shrum, Louise Overstreet, Gary's Dad. 


Unspoken prayers,

Our Military Soldiers serving in around the world, as well as the families of the soliders.

Our nation,
Our government leaders,
Our church

 If you have a prayer concern we could lift to God with you, for you or a loved one, we invite you to call or e-mail us your prayer concern.








Our churches need to remain in our daily prayers.